About Us

Our annual golf outing will take place on Monday August 12th, 2013. Thanks to the generosity of those of you who have joined us in the past, we have so far been able to donate more than $50,000 to members of FDNY and their families throughout the city struggling with cancer, etc. They have all expressed their sincerest gratitude.

My father was a member of the FDNY for 32 years and spent much of his off time helping family and friends whenever another pair of hands was needed. When he passed away in 2003 after complications from cancer surgery, we felt empty and helpless. We had lost a good man and a strong role model. We needed a way to honor his memory and continue his tradition of selfless giving. The Lt. Thommas F. Healy foundation was started with this in mind.

The Foundation provides financial assistance to members of the FDNY who have family members battling cancer or are themselves faced with this monumental challenge. Your generous donations provide for the costs not covered by insurance. Costs like travel, lodging, or experimental treatment, that can add up quickly. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be in a position to provide even a small amount of relief. With your continued support we will be in a position to provide even more assistance to FDNY families.

I know my dad would be pleased by what we’ve accomplished so far and would be humbled by the generosity shown. I’m sure he’d look forward to our golf outing, and when we tee off each year – The Quiet Man smiles.

Stay Safe and God Bless
Tom Healy Jr.
President, Lt. Thomas F. Healy Foundation